Health risks:
Modes of transmission of diseases from faeces
The above picture depicts certain health risks which may harm or affect the health in various scenarios.
1.  When a person does not use toilets, the flies and mosquitoes happen to sit on the faeces. These flies then again sit on the food that is consumed by the humans and cause diseases.
2.  When the hands are not washed properly after touching the faeces, and the same hands are used for cooking and consuming food, it causes diseases.
3.  Usage of unsafe drinking water that is contaminated with faeces also causes diseases.
Diseases caused by bacteria:
The communicable diseases such as tuberculosis, cholera and typhoid are caused by microbes (bacteria) that spread through air, water and certain other organisms.
TB is a disease that is caused by the bacteriaMycobacterium tuberculae a rod shaped bacteria.
Mycobacterium tuberculae
Mode of transmission:
It transmits from person to person through air by spitting and prolonged contact with the materials that are shared with the patient.
Fever, weight loss, chronic cough, bloody spitting and difficulty in breathing are some of the symptoms.
Symptoms and impacts of tuberculosis
Prevention and treatment of tuberculosis:
  • Using BCG (Bacilli Calmette-Guerin) vaccination
  • Providing regular medication like DOT (Directly observed therapy).
  • Always covering the mouth with a tissue or hand kerchief while coughing or sneezing.