Eye care:
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A human eye
The eyes are an important organ of the body.
They are considered the windows to the world as the eyes are the organs through which the human body receives input from the surroundings. Among the different senses of the body, it is the most important sense as 80% of the contents perceived by the humans is through the sense of sight. Hence, protection of the eyes helps in reducing the odds of blindness, and loss of vision. It is mandatory to protect the eyes from the diseases, surroundings and climatic conditions.
Measures that to be implemented for a healthy vision:
  • To consume a balanced diet that is rich in antioxidants like vitamin A and C.
Vitamin A & C rich foods
  • To exercise regularly as it improves blood circulation, enhancing the levels of oxygen and removal of toxins in the eyes.
A girl is exercising
  • To get a good sleep at the night's.
A boy is sleeping
  • To wash hands regularly as touching or rubbing the eyes with unclean hands may cause diseases.
Washing hands with running water
  • Avoid smoking as smoking exposes the eyes to high levels of oxidative stress.
Smoking is injurious
  • Practice wearing sunglasses as they protect the eyes from the UV radiations.
Children protecting their eyes with sunglasses