Generally, light is not a single ray but a collection or bundle of rays. The collection or bunches of a ray of light is called a  beam of light.
A beam of light is classified into three types. They are
  • A diverging beam of light
  • A converging beam of light
  • A parallel beam of light  
A diverging beam of light:
If the light rays go in all directions, from the light source, we can say it is a divergent beam of light.
Candle and electric bulbs.
The rays coming out from the candle and electric bulb is divergent beam of light. 
candle-5172611_1920 (1).jpg
A converging beam of light:
If the light rays from the source meet at a particular point, we can say it is a convergent light beam.
The rays received by video or still camera converge on the film.
Screenshot 2021-06-24 163250.png
Convex lens present in the camera converges the light rays.
A parallel beam of light:
If the light rays travel parallel to each other, we call such a rays collection a parallel beam of light.
The rays coming out of searchlight or spotlight constitutes a parallel beam of light rays.
Certain devices like periscope bends the light and helps to view the object's image, which our naked eye cannot be seen. The principle of periscope is multiple reflections of light. Mirrors in the barbershop and kaleidoscope also form multiple images due to the multiple reflections of light.
Mirrors in a barbershopshutterstock_1161177124.jpg