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Solved examples to find the area
1. Calculate the area of \(5\) squares having the sides of \(2\ m\) each.
Side (\(a\)) \(=\) \(2\ m\)
The area of \(5\) squares on each side of \(2\ m\) is \(20\ m^2\).
2. Calculate the area of a rectangle of \(20\ m\) length and \(8\ m\) breadth.
Length \(=\) \(20\ m\)

Breadth \(=\) \(8\ m\)
Therefore, the area of the rectangle is \(160\) \(m^2\).
3. Find the area of a circle whose radius is \(6\ m\). Take π=227 and round off the answer to two decimal places.
Radius (\(r\)) \(=\) \(6\ m\)
The circle having a radius of \(6\ m\) has an area of \(113.14\) \(m^2\).
4. Determine the area of a triangle whose base is \(4\ m\) and height is \(6\ m\).
Base \(b\) \(=\) \(4\ m\)
Height \(h\) \(=\) \(6\ m\)
Area of triangle=12×b×h=12×4×6=12m2
The area of the triangle is found to be \(12\) \(m^2\).