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If the computer is working on the Windows OS, we can make our notes in the 'Notepad' application, and we can create pictures in the 'Paint' application.
Creating notes and pictures using notes and paint application
We can type notes in 'Notepad' and save the created files in a folder as per its name. Likewise, in the 'Paint' application, we can draw and edit our desired pictures. With these pictures, we can easily create an image gallery, animations, and graphics.
A person editing a picture in photoshop application
Picture and audiovisual gives us more understanding than teaching and writing on the blackboard. Instead of saying a story like 'once upon a time, there was a king', we can easily understand the concept by seeing the video, and it registers firmly in the students' minds.
Normal teaching using a whiteboard
Teaching the concepts using pictures and videos
The device that helps to explain the concepts easily through pictures is known as 'Visual Communication Device'.
For example, we can create photos, audiovisuals, drawings, and animations easily with the help of a computer. Cinema is a good example of 'Visual Communication Device'.