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Many people around the world use LibreOffice for convenience.
LibreOffice is a free source and a powerful software tool with a clean interface to enhance productivity. It helps to unleash people's creativity with the help of many components.
To get the LibreOffice software for operating systems like Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X, can be used.
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LibreOffice software
Components in the LibreOffice:
  1. Writer (Text document)
  2. Calc (Spreadsheet)
  3. Impress (Presentation)
  4. Draw (Vector graph)
  5. Base (Database)
  6. Math (Formula editor)
1. Writer:
Writer is a word processor and desktop publishing tool. It is a feature-rich tool used for creating letters, books, reports, newsletters, brochures, and other documents like invitations and memos. It contains simple but powerful features to develop content, diagrams, indexes, etc.
LibreOffice Writer
2. Calc:

LibreOffice Calc is mainly developed for calculation.
Each page in Calc is called a spreadsheet, consisting of rows and columns. A spreadsheet, in general, is an application used for the analysis and organisation of data in a tabular form.
Calc is a spreadsheet program that includes all the advanced analysis, charting, and decision making features with \(300\) functions for financial, statistical, and mathematical operations. It is easy to learn and work with numbers in an advanced range.
LibreOffice Calc