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One can follow the following steps to print a document or selected pages:
  1. Open the folder that you want to print.
  2. On the menu bar, select the \(\text{File \(\rightarrow\) Print}\) command. The Print dialog box will appear on the screen.
  3. Choose options such as print range, number of copies, printer name, and so on. Check whether the papers are available in the printer tray and then turn on the printer.
  4. Choose OK.
Print dialog box
Print preview:
The Print preview option shows a preview of how the paper will appear when printed. Several pages can be viewed at the same time, like Print Layout View.
Print preview has its toolbar, which is an advantage. The toolbar makes it easy to display several pages and adjust the screen's magnification. One can edit the document in the print preview mode.
1. The Print preview button in the File menu can be clicked.
2. Keyboard shortcut: Press \(\text{CTRL + Shift + O}\) keys to turn to print preview mode.
Exiting the text document:
After closing all the files, the word program can be quit by choosing \(\text{File \(\rightarrow\) Exit}\) command on the File menu bar.