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How do we name the chemical compounds?
A compound name is the most special connection to their own identity and individuality. That's why we have named the chemical compounds. Let us see the various involved the naming the chemical compounds.
A chemical compound is a substance made of more than one element combined by a chemical bond. These compounds have properties that are distinct from the elements that formed them.
While naming a compound containing a metal and a non-metal, the metal name is written first, followed by the non-metal name after adding the suffix-'ide' to its name.
\(NaCl\) - Sodium chloride
\(AgBr\) - Silver bromide
While naming a compound that contains metal, a non-metal, and oxygen, the name of the metal is written first, replaced by the name of the non-metal with oxygen, after adding the suffix-'ate' (for more atoms of oxygen) or-'ite' (for fewer atoms of oxygen) to its name.
\( Na_2SO_4 \) - Sodium sulphate
\(NaNO_2\) - Sodium nitrite
While naming a compound containing only two non-metals, the prefix mono, di, tri, tetra, penta, and so on is written before the name of the non-metals.
\(SO_2\) - Sulphur dioxide
\(N_2O_5\) - Dinitrogen pentoxide
let's us see some examples:
Chemical compound
\(BaO\)Barium oxide
\(Na_2SO_3\)Sodium sulfite
\(CaCl_2\)Calcium chloride
\(NaNO_3\)Sodium nitrate