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LibreOffice Calc is the spreadsheet element of LibreOffice. Spreadsheets enable us to organise, analyse, and store the data in tabular form. Furthermore, in a spreadsheet, we can manipulate this data to provide specific results.
Other features provided by Calc include:
  • Functions can be used to create formulas to do complex computations on data.
  • Database functions to regulate, store, and filter data.
  • Dynamic charts giving a wide range of \(2D\) and \(3D\) charts.
  • The ability to open, edit, and save Microsoft Excel spreadsheets.
How to open LibreOffice Calc?
To start LibreOffice Calc, we can follow several methods.
Method 1:
1. Click the Start button.
2. Click All Programs.
3. Click LibreOffice Calc
Method 2:
If no component is open from the LibreOffice Start Centre, click on the Calc Spreadsheet icon to create a new spreadsheet.
start screen.jpg