Magnets are used in our daily life and many other devices due to their property. Here, some of those uses are given in detail.
1. Navigation:
Magnets were used in the form of direction stone or leading stone in ancient times. Sailors, during their voyages, used these stones to find directions.
5 (1).png
Chinese sailors using a compass
Magnets are used in compasses to show the north and south directions for navigation. Mountaineers and hikers use the compass for finding paths in unknown places.
Mountaineer using a compass
2. Electricity:
Magnets, in general, are used to generate electricity in dynamos. The usage of magnets plays a vital role in small electric motors and some door locks.
Electric motor and automatic door lock
Electromagnets are used in our day-to-day life. They are used in electric bells, loudspeakers, and microphones.
4. Transport:
The fast-moving Maglev train uses a powerful electromagnet to keep it floating above the rails. It is the world's fastest train travelling at a speed of about \(500\) \(km/h\).
Maglev train
Magnetic levitation train or Maglev train has no wheels and works on the property of magnetic repulsion. The strong magnetic forces exerted by computer-operated electromagnets make the train float above its tracks.