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A wide range of movements occurs in the animal's body—the blinking of our eyes and the diaphragm's contraction and relaxation during breathing. Even when you are ideal at a place, the body parts will show the movements.
Have you noticed how different organisms move from place to place? Their movements differ from each other.
Cows walk with legs, snakes slithers by moving the body, birds fly with wings, fishes swim using fins, and humans walk using their legs.
Movement in different animals:
Walking, crawling, flying and swimming - these are only a few ways in which animals move from one place to another.
Movement and locomotion
Though locomotion and movement sound similar in their meanings, differences between these two actions are as follows:
Changing the place or position by one or more parts of the body is known as a movement.
The necessary functions, such as pumping blood to different parts of the body in an organism, are performed by movement. This movement can be both voluntary and involuntary.
Walking is an example of voluntary movement, breathing is an example of involuntary movement.
The movement of an organism from one place to another is known as locomotion.
Locomotion helps an organism during various situations such as finding food, avoiding harsh weather conditions, escaping their predators, etc.
Movements such as walking, running and swimming are the various examples of different types of locomotion, and it is involves the action of appendages such as limbs, wings, flagella, and cilia. A series of wave-like muscle contractions help the aquatic organisms to locomote.
Differences between locomotion and movement
It is the movement of an organism from one place to another.It is the act of changing the place
or position by one or more parts of the body.
It is always voluntary.It can either be voluntary or involuntary.
It occurs at the organism level.It takes place at the biological level.
It doesn't require energy.It requires energy.