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The secondary sexual characteristics observed in boys:
1. Hair
After the development of the primary sexual characteristics, there is an appearance of pubic hair. Next, there is axillary (underarm hair) and facial hair to form moustache and beard, and on the chest.
2. Skin
The skin of the adolescent boys becomes coarse, and the pores present in the skin enlarge.
3. Glands
During puberty, there is an increase in the secretion of sweat glands and sebaceous glands (oil glands). Sebaceous glands are small glands (exocrine glands) that secrete oil through the skin pores. The glands secrete oil to protect the skin surface.
The sweat glands secrete sweat that regulates the human body temperature. The secretions of sweat and sebaceous or subcutaneous glands are very active during the adolescent period. This is because the oil-producing glands present in the skin enlarge.

Many adolescent boys and girls get pimples on their faces due to the increased activity of glands present in the skin. This cause acne and pimples in the face of boys and girls. Pimples are red spots that appear on a person's face. Acne is a condition which causes eruptions of many pimples
Due to extra sweat secretions in adolescents, there is a distinctive odour produced from the bodies.
Changes in male
4. Muscles
In boys, the strength of the muscles increases during adolescence. This gives shape to the arms, legs as well as shoulders. Broadening of chest and shoulders are also observed.
5. Voice
Voice is produced by the voice box present in our throat. The larynx or the voice box develops and grows in boys as puberty sets in. Thus a change in voice is accomplished in boys as puberty starts. The growth of the voice box in boys becomes much more than the development of girls' voice box.
The larynx or the voice box is made up of \(9\) cartilages. The thyroid cartilage is the largest of these. The growing larynx is seen as the protruding or enlarged part present in the throat, called Adam's apple. The elongation of the thyroid cartilage forms Adam's apple.
Since the voice box becomes bigger in boys, it gives a deeper, husky, low-pitched voice. The muscles present in the growing voice box can go out of control, and due to this, the voice becomes hoarse. This is caused due to the male hormone (regulatory chemicals) during the adolescent period.
As a result, muscles (cords) attached to the cartilage get loosened and thickened. When air passes through the loosened and thickened cords, a hoarse sound is produced. This causes a disturbance in the voice in the stage of adolescence in boys. The hoarseness in the voice may remain for a few days to a week, after which the voice turns normal.
Showing the voice box or Larynx or Adam's apple
To sum up, the changes that take place in boys during puberty
  • Hair growth on the face to form moustache and beard, and on the chest.
  • Deepening of voice that causes a low-pitched voice.
  • Reproductive organ, testes, starts making gametes or sperms.
  • Penis and the testes become larger in size.
  • Shoulders and chest broaden.
  • The body turns muscular, and hair growth is seen in the armpits and pubic areas (between the thighs).
  • Increase in height rapidly.
  • Arousal of sexual drives associated with the start of adulthood.