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The secondary sexual characteristics observed in girls at the time of puberty:
1. Hips
At puberty, there is the enlargement of the pelvic bone and the development of subcutaneous fat around the hips, making the hip becomes wider and rounder. There is broadening of hips and fat deposition observed on the hips and thighs.
2. Breast
After the enlargement of the hips, the breasts also develop during the adolescent period.
3. Hair
There is appearance of pubic hair followed by axillary hair and hair on the limbs - both hands and legs.
4. Skin
The skin of adolescent boys becomes coarser and the pores present in the skin enlarge. In girls, there are not many changes observed in the pores. There is increased oil secretion that causes pimples and acne.
5. Gland
The oil-producing gland - the sebaceous or the subcutaneous gland becomes very active and cause pimples and acne on the face during puberty.
6. Muscles
There is an increase in muscles which gives shape to the shoulders, arms and legs.
7. Voice
The voice of girls becomes shrill. The larynx in girls is not visible due to its smaller size. Girls have a high-pitched voice, while boys have a deep and hoarse voice. The voice breaks that occur in boys are very rare among girls.
To sum up, the changes that take place in girls during puberty:
  • Enlargement and development of breasts.
  • Ovaries release eggs with the commencement of menstruation.
  • The ovaries, oviducts, uterus, and vagina increase in size.
  • Hips of the girls broaden, and there is fat deposition on hips and thighs.
  • Hair growth is seen in the armpits as well as in pubic areas (between the thighs).
  • Increase in height rapidly.
  • Arousal of sexual drives associated with the start of adulthood.
Secondary sexual characteristics
Thus the secondary sex characteristics observed in boys and girls are tabulated below:
The height and weight increasesThe height and weight increases
Fat and subcutaneous tissues development occursMuscles development takes place
Hip broadensShoulder broadens
Hair growth observed in armpits and pubic areas
Hair growth observed in armpits, pubic areas,
face, and chest
Voice becomes shrill
Voice break takes place due to the lengthening
of the vocal cords and the enlargement of the larynx
Breast development takes placeSize of the penis increases