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Musical instruments:
What is music?
Some sounds are pleasing to the ear and make us happy. The sound that provides a pleasant sensation to the ear is called music.
The regular patterns of vibrations produce music. Musical instruments are categorized into four types, as given below.
  • Wind instruments
  • Reed instruments
  • Stringed instruments
  • Percussion instruments
Wind instruments:
In a wind instrument, the sound is produced by the vibration of air in a hollow tube. The frequency of the sound is varied by changing the length of the vibrating air column. Trumpet, Flute, Shehnai and Saxophone are some well-known wind instruments.
Flute made of wood
Reed instrument:
A reed instrument contains a reed(a thin piece of wood or metal at the end of some musical instruments which produces a sound). Air, which is blown through the instrument, causes the reed to vibrate, which produces the specific sound. Examples of reed instruments include Harmonium and Mouth Organ.
Mouth organ
Indian harmonium