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Noise pollution:
  • The presence of unwanted and unpleasant sounds in the earth's environment is called noise pollution.
  • Human beings can hear sounds ranging up to \(85\) \(decibels\). Above that, any sound can damage our hearing power.
  • The unwanted noise in the environment harms the health of the organisms present on the earth.
Sound produced by cutting machines
Health hazards due to noise pollution:
  • Irritation, stress, nervousness, and headaches are all possible side effects of noise.
  • Long-term noise exposure can alter a person's sleeping pattern.
  • Long-term noise exposure can impair hearing ability. It can sometimes result in hearing loss.
  • Sudden exposure to louder noise can result in a heart attack and knocking out.
  • It causes a lack of concentration in one’s work.
  • The noise of horns, loudspeakers, etc., cause disturbances are leading to a lack of concentration.
  • Noise pollution affects a person’s peace of mind. It adds to the existing tensions of modern living. These tensions result in diseases like high blood pressure or short-tempered nature.
Prevention of Noise Pollution:
  • Factories and industries should be set up at a distance from residential areas.
  • Silencing devices should be installed in heavy vehicles such as aircraft, industrial equipment, machinery and other home appliances.
  • Usage of horns should be reduced, especially near public places such as schools, religious places and hospitals.
  • Soundproofing systems should be installed in party halls, industries and other buildings that produce a huge amount of unwanted sounds.
  • Trees should be planted in huge numbers as they can absorb unwanted noise from the environment.
Hearing loss:
Various reasons cause hearing loss. Some of them are listed below.
  • Aging
  • Ear infections if not treated
  • Certain medicines
  • Genetic disorders
  • A severe blow to the head
  • Loud noise