Asia is the Largest and the most populous among the world's continents. It holds the largest country (Russia) and largest populated country (China) in the world.
  • It covers \(30\)% of world’s land area.
  • It holds about \(60\)% of the world’s population (\(4.4\) billion approx).
Asia's land area predominantly lies in nothern hemisphere. The diversity of the physical features ranges from lofty mountains, plateaus and plains to islands and peninsulas. Asia is well known for its physical and cultural diversity. Some of the river banks of Asia served as cradles for ancient civilisation (Indus valley, Mesopotamian, and Chinese civilisations).
Location and Area
Latitudinal extent
North\(81˚12'\) \(N\)
South\(10˚11'\) \(S\)
Longitudinal extent
East\(26˚2'\) \(E\)
West\(169˚40'\) \(W\)
Total area: \(44\) \(million\) \(km²\)