Boundaries of Asia
NorthArctic Ocean
SouthIndian Ocean
EastPacific Ocean
West Ural Mountains, Caucasus Mountains, Red Sea, Mediterranean Sea, Caspian Sea and Black Sea
It is the only continent bordering with two other continents; Africa and Europe. It also sometimes joins with North America (third continent), in the winter when the Bering Sea is covered with ice.
Suez CanalAsia from Africa
Bering StraitAsia from North America
sub regions of asia.jpg
Political Divisions
No. of countries in Asia: \(48\)
Based on landscape and political status the countries are grouped into several realms such as 
  1. East Asia
  2. Southeast Asia
  3. South Asia
  4. Southwest and
  5. Central Asia
Physiographic Divisions
Asia is made of diverse physical features like long mountain ranges, snow-capped high mountains, vast plateaus, extensive plains, river valleys, and sea coasts which encourage the people of Asia to involve in diverse economic activities.
Physiography of Asia can be divided into five major groups. They are:
  1. The Northern lowlands
  2. The Central High Mountains
  3. The Southern Plateaus
  4. The Great Plains and
  5. The Island Groups