Art and Architecture
Asian art and architecture is one of the best example of the fusion of culture and religion in the world's history. As in most of the other cultures, Asian art and architecture also strongly influenced by religion, especially Hinduism and Buddhism. In addition to it, art and architecture in Asia have deeply influenced by trade with other cultures
Civilisations originated in Asia are:
  1. Mesopotamian
  2. Indus valley and
  3. Chinese civilisations
  • These three contributed to the architectural works at an early stage.
  • Two out of Seven wonders of the world are located in Asia. :
  1. Taj Mahal in India
  2. The Great Wall of China
Taj Mahal
The great wall of China
  • Thousands of years ago, the people of Yemen built a Mud skyscraper.
Fine examples of Asian architecture are:
Ankor Wat
Buddhist Temple
East and Southeast Asia    
West Asia
Temples and forts         
Angkor Wat is a South East Asia's important archaeological site stretching for about \(400\)\(km²\) including forest area. It is was recognised as an important World Heritage site by UNESCO.
  • Built by king Suriya Varma \(II\) in \(1100\)\(AD\) (\(CE)\)
  • Located at Cambodia.
  • 'Ankorwat' means 'the city of temples' in Khmer language.
  • It is the largest Hindu Temple in the world.