The Alpine Mountain System
  • It consists of a chain of young fold mountains.
  • It is found in the southern part of Europe.
  • Important mountain ranges: The Sierra Nevada, the Pyrenees, the Alps, the Apennines, the Dinaric Alps, the Caucasus and the Carpathian.
  • The Pyrenees forms a natural boundary between Spain and France.
The highest peak in Europe: Mt. Elburz (\(5645 m\)) in the Caucasus range
Second highest peak in Alpine system: Mont Blanc (\(4,807 m\)) in the Alps
  • There are several active volcanoes found in the Alpine mountain system.
  • Important volcanoes in Europe: Mt. Etna, Mt. Vesuvius and Mt. Stromboli
  • Earthquakes are common in this region.
  • Lighthouse of the Mediterranean: Mt. Stromboli