Food and Festivals:
  • Staple foods in Europe: Bread, fish, meat, potatoes and dairy products.
  • The Europeans celebrate both religious and recreational (holiday) festivals.
  • Important festivals of Europe: Christmas, Easter, Good Friday, the Saint Day, Redentore, Tomatina and Carnival.
  • Games: Rugby, football, basketball, ice hockey and skiing.
  • Bull-fighting in Spain is the world's attractive game.
A Comparison of Asia and Europe:
Asia and Europe integrated geographically, but separated politically. Europe is the giant peninsula of Asia, and it looks like a tail of the supercontinent Eurasia. Despite the various geographical hey have various similarities, Asia and Europe have a striking differences.
  • Formation of Himalayas (Asia) and the Alps (Europe) took place over the same geological period.
  • From Europe to Asia, the Steppe grasslands and coniferous forestsspread over several hundred kilometres.
  • Generally, both the continents have the plains in the northern part and the mountains in the southern part.
  • Both the continents are the homeland of ancient civilizations.
  • Through the silk route and the spice route, two continents had a trade relationship from the ancient period.