• Longest rail route in the world:Trans - Siberian Railways (\(9258\)  \(km\))
  • It is a transcontinental railway line.
  • It connects Leningrad and Vladivostok.
Trans siberian railwaysLeningrad and Vladivostok
Trans Asian RailwaysSingapore and Istanbul in Turkey
trans asian railway.jpg
  • It is a bullet train
  • It is the world-famous super express train.
  • Connects:Osaka and Tokyo in Japan.
  • Speed:  \(352\)  \(km/h\).
  • Second-largest railway network in Asia: Indian railway network
Cape of Good HopeEurope to Asia
Trans-PacificPorts of Eastern Asia to Ports of western American countries
Suez Canal routeEurope with South and Southeast Asia
  • Suez Canal route passes through the heart of the world trade route.
  • The important seaports in Asia:Tokyo, Shanghai, Singapore, Hong Kong, Chennai, Mumbai, Karachi and Dubai.