Plantation crops
  • Important plantation crops: Coffee, Tea, Rubber, Palm trees and Cocoa
  • Important producers of plantation crops: India, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia and Indonesia.
  • Leading producers of natural rubber: Malaysia and Thailand
  • Dates are produced in west Asia.
  • Largest producer of dates in the world: Iran
  • Fishing is one of the important economic activity in Asia.
  • It is very common in open seas as well as inland water bodies.
  • Leading fishing nations: China and Japan
  • One of the world’s richest sources of freshwater fishing: Tonle sap lake in Cambodia.
  • The major fishing ground for India, Sri Lanka, Myanmar and Bangladesh is Bay of Bengal.
  • Fishing is the prominent supporter of the national economy in Maldives.
  • In the eastern coast of Arabia, Pearl fishing (Bahrein) is popular.