Industrial Regions
Industrial Region
ChinaManchurian, Shanghai- Wuhan, Peking—Shenyang, Guangdone- Hongkong
JapanTokyo, Yokohama and Osaka-Kyoto
IndiaMumbai, Ahmedabad, Coimbatore, Bengaluru and Chottanagpur
Roadway is the most common mode of transport in Asia.
Asian Highway
  • Connects Tokyo in the east to Turkey in the west.
  • Connects Russia in the north to Indonesia in the south.
  • The total length of road is \(1,41,000 \)\(km\).
  • It passes through \(32\) countries.
The Asian Highway 1(AH 1) is the longest highway among the Asian Highway Network (\(20557\) \(km\)).
It connects Tokyo to Turkey.
  • The Asian Highway \(43 \)(AH  \(43\)) runs from Agra in India to Matara in Sri Lanka (\(3024\) \(km\)).
Asian highway ah1.jpg