• Three dimensional model of the Earth created with a specific scale is called as Globe.
  • The word "globe" is obtained from the Latin word "globus" which means "sphere".The Earth is spherical but, flat at the poles and bulges at the Equator.
  • The shape of Earth is very unique shape.
  • It is called a Geoid (earth shaped).
  • The Earth moves around the Sun (Revolution).
  • It also rotates itself from the West to East on its axis at an inclination of \(23 ½° \)(Rotation).
  • Similarly globe is also inclined at an angle of \(23½°\).
A globe is also used to represent celestial spheres which is called a Celestial globe.
Surface area of the Earth\(510.1\) million km²
Diameter of Earth\(12,756 \)km
Shape of EarthGeoid
Angle of inclination of Earth\(23 ½°\)
  • The axis is an imaginary line.
  • It is not actually found on the Earth.
  • The first globe was created by the Greeks in the year 150 AD(CE).
  • The Indian astronomer Aryabhatta in his book ‘Aryabhatta Sidhantha’ has mentioned that ‘The stars in the sky seem to move towards the West because of the Earth’s roation on its axis’.