Where did Hunters and Gatherers Live?
Adapting to trees, the presence of predators, or fierce winds, early hunter-gatherers shifted as nature dictated. They built temporary shelters in caves and other areas with defensive rock formations and open-air settlements.
shelter of cave men.jpg
Hand-built shelters most likely date from the time of Homo erectus. However, Homo heidelbergensis is credited with one of the earliest known constructed settlements, dating from \(400,000 \)years ago in Terra Amata, France.
hand made shelter terra amata.jpg
Huts made of wood, rock, and bone were becoming more common by \(50,000 \)years ago, sparking a transition to semi-permanent settlements in areas with plentiful resources.
huts made of bones.jpg
At least \(23,000 \)years have passed since the ruins of man's first known year-round shelters were found at the Ohalo \(II\) site in Israel.
round shelter.jpg