Hunter-Gatherer Tools and Technology:
Early hunter-gatherers either hunted as a party or dug a pit and trapped the animals to hunt. They worked with essential equipment. Sharpened stones were used for cutting during the Stone Age before hand-axes were invented, marking the beginning of Acheulean technology around \(1.6\) million years ago.
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Timeline of  discovery of fire:
The regulated use of fire for cooking and warding off predators marked a watershed moment in these groups early history.
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Hearths have been used for over \(800,000 \)years, and other evidence points to automatic heating as far back as one million years.

Early Homo erectus sites in Kenya, dating back \(1.5\) million years, have evidence of burning, but these may be wildfires remnants.
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Hunter-gatherers used fire to keep warm in colder weather, cook their food (preventing diseases caused by raw meat consumption), and scare away wild animals that could steal their food or threaten their camps.
Neanderthals introduced the first bone tools and refined stone technology.
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The bow and arrow, harpoons, Fishhooks, and more domestic tools like ivory needles and bone were all invented by early Homo sapiens as they sought to evolve more advanced hunting techniques. As they travelled around searching for food, these more specialised tools enabled them to broaden their diet and build more efficient clothing and shelter.