The introduction of iron rims around wheels in \(1000 BCE \)made a minor upgrade in how wheels were viewed for so long. After that, they improved noticeably before the turn of the \(1^s\)\(^t\) century.
Round wire tension spokes, which are still used on bicycles today, were invented in \(1802\). R.W. Thompson created the first pneumatic tyres in \(1845\), and John Dunlop reinvented them in \(1888\) by replacing the hard rubber used in all bicycles at the time with pneumatic tyres.
With the invention of Karl Benz's automotive wheels in the late \(19^t\)\(^h\) century, the automobile age began.
From 1910 to 1927, wheels changed, such as introducing longer-\(lasting tyres \)and steel welded-spoke wheels.
Karl Benz, a German engineer, is well-known for founding the automobile business that bears his name.