Chalcolithic Era:
The Chalcolithic Era is marked by the emergence of distinct cultures in various parts of our country, such as the Ahar culture in South-East Rajasthan, the Malwa culture in Western MP, and the Jorwe culture in Western Maharashtra, among others.
People of chalcolithic age used different kinds of potteries such as:
Black-and-red-ware Pottery:
black and red ware.jpg
The use of black and red ware seems to have been widespread. Black and redware pottery with white linear designs was found in cultures such as Ahar-Banas.
Black-on-red ware:
black on red ware.jpg

Jorwe ware is also known as painted black-on-red ware, and it has a matt surface that has been washed.
Ochre Coloured Pottery:
ochre coloured pottery.jpg

These are considered Harappa's junior contemporaries. This pottery is from the Copper Hoard Culture, discovered in the upper Ganga Valley and the Ganga Yamuna Doab district.
  • This pottery's colour varies from orange to red.
  • The time of OCP culture is between \(2000 \)and \(1500 BCE\).
  • The cities of Jodhpur (Rajasthan) and Attranjikhera are noteworthy (UP).
  • Ganeshwar, near the Khetri copper mines, was once thought to have OCP, but researchers have debunked this.