The Ministry of Culture has an associated office called the Archaeological Survey of India. It was established in 1861 with the primary goal of surveying and studying ancient remains in this region.
The Archaeological Survey of India's mission is to "explore, excavate, conserve, preserve, and protect national and international monuments and sites."
The Archaeological Survey of India is a sub-department of the Ministry of Culture, with its headquarters in New Delhi.
It is divided into 24 regional circles and five regional directorates.
The main functions of ASI are:
  • Monuments and sites that are centrally protected, such as World Heritage Monuments and antiquities, are preserved, conserved, and developed sustainably.
  • Gardens around centrally protected monuments and sites are maintained, and new gardens are created.
  • Ancient site exploration and excavation.
  • Inscriptions and different phases of Indian architecture are studied in depth.
  • Museums at archaeological sites are kept up to date.
  • The Antiquities and Art Treasures Act is in effect.
  • Study and training in archaeology in a wide range of fields..