Gandhian thought on Resources:
There is enough for everybody’s need, and not for anybody’s greed.
As per Mahatma Gandhi “human beings” have to be blamed for depletion of resources becuase of 
  1. Overexploitation of resources.
  2. Unlimited needs of human beings.
Therefore, conservation of resources is inevitable.
Resource planning / Management
• A technique or skill for optimum utilization of resources.
• Resource planning is essential because resources are:
    o Limited in nature, saving them for the future is necessary
    o They are not only limited but also unevenly distributed over the different parts of the world.
    o Essential for maintaining optimum usage of resources and protecting it from overexploitation.
  • Careful and sustainable use of resources is called the conservation of resources.
  • Rate of consumption of resources increased with increase in population.
  • Wisely handling of resources may minimize the faster depleting ratios.
  • Keeping in mind the needs of the future generation the development should be made.
  • Striking balance between present needs and conservation for the future is called sustainable development.
A sustainable development can take place when:
  • The reasons for depletion of resources are identified.
  • Wastage and excess consumption is avoided.
  • Recycling of reusable resources.
  • Reduce in the amount of pollution.
  • Environment is protected from degradation.
  • Natural vegetation and wildlife are preserved.
  • Usage of alternative resources is practiced.
    Follow '3R's: Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. It is the easiest way to conserve resources.