Many kings who belonged to the Delhi Sultanate showed keen interest in the field of art and architecture who went on to develop mansions for soldiers, high-profile nobles for their stay.
ancient mosque.jpg
Ancient mosque
  • Mosques were built by successive regimes in and around the staying places of nobles, madrasas were also built. Both Madrasas and Mosques are architecturally different entities.
Arabesque style: This style of architecture was introduced by the Turks who used various geometrical styles and floral designs with verses of the Quran embedded in them.
  • The lines of the Koran was displayed with various styles in the entrance doors of the Mosques, and the style of buildings built by the ruler was based on Persian style and decoration was based on Indian style.
Rabab and Sarangi: These are Musical Instruments which are introduced during the Delhi Sultanate rule.
  • The combination of Indian and Persian style later came to be known as Indo - Saracenic architecture. Some of the buildings have been built in this style.
Kotla Fort: The fort was built by Firoz Tughlaq in Delhi.
moti masjid.jpg
The Moti Masjid
alai darwaza.jpg
Alai Darwaza
  • Moti masjid
  • Quwaat-ul-Islam
  • Alai Darwasa
  • Fort of Daulatabad
  • Fort of Firosabad