The emergence of South India Confederacy:
  • The idea of the confederacy in the southern region against the British was put forward by Marudu Pandiyan a valiant Palyakkar, who was planning to organise an uprising against the British.
  • Kattabomman seems to be liking the idea of Marudu, want to join the forces of the confederacy so he persuaded his friend Sivagiri to join the confederacy but he was an ally of the company and so he denied Kattabomman’s proposal.
  • Sensing conspiracy against the company rule the British company invaded Panchalamkurichi.
1.The Major served an ultimatum to Kattabomman and ordered him to surrender in front him before a particular date, for which Kattabomman didn’t pay heed and this angered the major who ordered an Invasion to Panchalamkurichi.
2. He planned to attack the fort of Kattabomman which served as a line of defence, was broken first and he also arrested the Minister of Kattabomman, Sivasubramani.
3. Vijaya Ragunatha Thondaiman who was a confidant of the British company captured Kattabomman from the forest and handed him over to the British.
4. Major Bannerman took his revenge on the Palayakkarar (Kattabomman) and his close associates by hanging them in Kayathar (a place in present day Tuticorin) to instill fear among the public.
5.Right till the end of his days Kattabomman lived like a hero who was valiant enough to face any opposition including death.
The execution
The Rise of Rebels:
1.Velu Nachiyar:
A. Velu Nachiyar was born to a royal couple as their only daughter, she was raised like a true warrior who was very well trained in archery, horse-riding and martial arts etc.
B. She was married to Muthu Vaduganathar, the king of Sivagangai at the young age of 16. In 1772, at the Battle of Kalaiyar kovil, her husband was killed by the combined forces of the Nawab of Arcot and British company.
Velu Nachiyar
*FACT FILE: Veeramangai: Velu Nachiyar was considered to be the first woman ruler who fought and emerged victorious against the British and hence she was popularly known as the “Veeramangai (Brave Woman) and also Jhansi Rani of South India”.
C. Post the death of her husband, she was given asylum by Gopala Nayakar in Dindigul for a brief period. During this stay, she met Haider Ali and had a cordial relationship with him. Haider who was impressed with the courage of Nachiyar assisted her in the fight against the British.
D. Nachiyar planted a surprise attack against the British by gathering intelligence from her assistors and attacked British ammunitions. Later recaptured Sivagangai and Extended her ruler with the help of the Marudu brothers.
*FACT FILE: Kuyili: Kuyili was the commander-in-chief of Velu Nachiyar who carried out the suicide attack that destroyed the entire ammunitions of the British. This is considered as the “first recorded instance of suicide bombing in History”.
2. Marudhu Brothers:

 The Maruthu brothers belonged to the family of warriors, where the elder one was Periya Marudhu and the younger one was named Chinna Maruthu. Among the two Chinna Marudhu was very much popular than his elder brother due to his activities. He was also known as Marudhu Pandiyan.
Both the brothers were well trained in native martial arts and the art of using ancient weapons which enabled them to fight any enemy. Due to his Courage and tenacity, Chinna Marudhu was fondly called the “Lion of Sivaganga”.
The Maruthu brothers
*FACT FILE: Valari: Valari or Valai Thadi is a weapon used in ancient Tamil kingdoms and kings of South India in fights. The Maruthu brothers are considered to be great exponents of this art.
In 1772, The Nawab of Arcot attacked Sivaganga and its ruler Raja Muthu Vaduganathar was killed and then they captured it, the marudu brothers escaped the assault which allowed them to regroup and come back stronger than before and recapture Sivaganga. The elder one Periya Maruthu was made the ruler.