YaClass on EdTechXEurope 2017

YaClass Inc. CEO Valerii Nikitin and the Latvian unit CEO Edgars Skutans have visited the EdTechXEurope Summit 2017 (http://edtechxeurope.com/). EdTechXEurope is the leading global EdTech community summit that has brought together executive level investors, innovators and industry influencers from all around the world and hosted over 850 innovative companies and over 125 speakers this June. The primary goal of YaClass Inc. was to search for international partners and start business in new countries.

YaClass delivers a digital platform solution for K-12. Innovative content generation technology is capable of creating thousands of variants of each task in school curricula. This way we provide the “infinite drilling” opportunity for students and a vast database of educational materials for teachers.

How does Genexis work?

YaClass has the CMS and LMS functionality that helps teachers with their routine work: teachers can create individual learning programs for their students in several clicks. Additionally, instead of checking the students’ answers manually, teachers receive automated reports from our system, which saves their time on evaluating the students’ performance. As for the parents, they get regular reports on their children’s progress, which allows them to take more active part in the learning experience.

YaClass Inc. was established in 2012 and currently operates in six countries: Austria, Germany, Latvia, Belarus, Ukraine and Armenia, with over 1 million registered students. We are the actively developing EdTech startup with an ambition to make education better and easier!

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