2018 March SIA Uzdevumi.lv CEO Edgars Shkutans has reported that the number of schools choosing to pass exam using YaClass platform steadily rising year by year. This year 234 schools with 44% of Latvian pupils grade 6 have chosen to pass diagnostic exam in a digital form. Compared to 2016, 206 schools were participated online with 36% of Latvian pupils.

Schools were able to choose whether to pass it online or on paper. Examination tasks were created in collaboration with the National Education Content Center (VISC) and SIA Uzdevumi.lv experts. The diagnostic work for the 6th grade consisted of 30 tasks, of which 16 test tasks were automatically corrected, thus saving the time spent by the teacher in evaluating the work. After results where evaluated all of the data was automatically transmitted to the State Education Content Center, thus eliminating human mistake probability to 0%.

Digital exams were positively rated by the 98% of teachers. Teachers highlighted the fact that online work has a positive impact on the environment, as paper is saved. It was calculated that 236 schools saved 30,696 pages of paper or approximately 153 kilograms.