Armenia, Finland, Belarus, Latvia and Ukraine Executives meeting in Riga

In May 2018 the YaClass Riga office welcomed executives from five countries. YaClass branches were represented by:

  • The franchise partner in Armenia, Mr. Gor Arakelyan
  • The franchise partner in Finland, Mr. Alexander Komzolov
  • The franchise partner in Belarus, Mr. Yury Bondarev
  • The CEO in Latvia, Mr. Edgars Skutans
  • The CEO in Ukraine, Mr. Alexander Yeremin

The 2017/2018 school year results were summarised across the countries with discussion of negative and positive practices. Executives have shared their strategy for the next school year and possible tactics for implementing school success stories across their markets.

The fastest growth in income was shown by the Armenian team, which has multiplied its revenue four times per year. Ukraine has reported the biggest growth in user base. The Latvian director has shared his experience in collaborating with the Ministry of Education.

In the upcoming school year, it was decided to focus on the better content quality and user communication on the YaClass platform.