On June 18 2018, the Minister of Education and Science from Ukraine, Lilia Grinevich, met with the founder of “SIA Uzdevumi.lv”, Director General Nikitins Valerijs from the Latvian Republic.

After a few months, YaClass was successfully translated and adapted by the Riga office for Ukrainian schools under the brand of MiyKlas, a digital learning platform. At a meeting, the fully working solution of MiyKlas was presented to the Ukraine government. During the spring, MiyKlas was piloted in over 100 schools, and some schools have already signed contracts to start the 2018/19 school year with the use of these modern education technologies.

At the meeting with the minister, collaboration results from applying the platform in the Latvian Republic were shared. The Latvian Government actively uses SIA Uzdevumi.lv services to digitise diagnostic works and educational processes in public schools. The statistics on the use of the electronic platform in Latvia have shown that the system saved more than 9096 hours of teachers work, reduced the work for organizing diagnostic exams by 10 times, and received demand from students and teachers.

After the presentation, the participants of the meeting discussed possible options for the implementation of MiyKlas in Ukraine's educational process.