Finland live in September 2018!

In September 2018 YaClass has started its services for Finnish schools ( Finland has good ICT skills among teachers, as well as technically equipped schools, that are both important prerequisites for online services. First feedback came from Mikkeli schools:

“The user interface is well implemented and usability is great. For what I was able to experiment, the site is mobile optimised, so use on mobile devices is supposed to be smooth. Monitoring the progress of students seems easy and allows individual support. My first impression is that this application might be very interesting and useful also in Finnish schools” - says Tuomas Puro, teacher from Esedu school, Mikkeli.

“In comparison with other online services, a positive aspect is that it allows direct feedback to the teacher: which tasks pupils have solved and which not. The pupils liked working on the exercises in the class when we tested them. They offer variety to working with notebooks. The system is quite functional, end result depends on the content” - says Kirsi Lahti, teacher from Mikkelin Lyseo.

Student feedback was more emotional: “Works well! Educational", "Good and Functional”, "Good! This works very well and I learned a lot! I want this to come to Finland :)", "It's a very good idea and I'd like it to come to Finland", "Useful. A different way to do exercises. Makes studying versatile.”

It is planned to implement math, physics and English courses during 2018. During the next years editorial team is planning to implement all other subjects. The content is implemented in accordance with the Finnish curricula.

YaClass is represented in Finland by Indijump Ltd. “We take heed of teachers’ and school principals’ needs and pay much attention on content and web interface quality” - says Indijump CEO Mr. Alexander Komzolov - “Finland has a great opportunities and YaClass has wide experience in EdTech. Together we can strengthen Finland’s leadership in digital education”.

YaClass Finland is supported by Miksei Mikkeli, Invest in Finland, South Savo ELY Centre and Microsoft Partner Program. Personal data is secured by Microsoft Azure cloud computing platform.