Title : Parent Manual for YaClass Bridge Course
Bridge course parent’s manual is a handbook on how to use the Bridge Course content from the YaClass website.
What is a bridge course?
Bridge Course is basically designed by teachers to help the children who need some more support in their academics to be promoted to the next grade or even after the promotion. YaClass has provided this bridge course for the students to learn concepts in smaller chunks of knowledge. In YaClass, the bridge course is structured as one concept per week using a few exercise questions from the same concept. After which the students will be assigned a weekly test on the concept they learned by their respective teachers. Students can attempt this test from wherever they are and the teachers and parents can see the progress of the child using their own user logins.
How it is useful for parents to guide their wards?
Parents play a major role in motivating the students to learn the concepts and practice exercises based on the concept. Parents have to encourage their children to login to the student's YaClass account and learn the concepts. You can use the theory available in YaClass to teach your children when they ask you for doubts. You also can see your children's results and help them to correct their mistakes on specific questions hence concepts.
How to monitor progress?
In your YaClass login, you can click on testworks and see all the testworks assigned by the teachers. Click on the test that your child has taken and you can see the points scored by them question by question. If you click on the points that are not full, you can see the places where they have made mistakes for individual questions. It is easy to show, correct their mistakes and help them learn the concept in detail. You can also take them to the exercise and help them familiarize with the concept by taking different set of questions for the  same concept to avoid them memorizing answers and using them in the next exercise.
How to conduct self assessment?
Inside the child's login, there are training tests in every lesson. These are tests created for the child to do self-assessment on the specific lessons. As a parent, you can guide your children to take these tests once they have learnt the theory on the lesson.
Any parent who has registered with YaClass and has a Ya+  subscription is free to use the Bridge course material.
Parent Manual contains: -
  • Program Overview
  • Grades available
  • Methodology used
  • Viewing Tests and Reports