Toxic Parenting
Do you only touch in anger?
Do you have the habit of hugging your kid?
Or do you prefer not to
Just like the parents of criminals did?
Do you think hugging
Will make your child turn out to be soft?
With nobody home to turn to
Would your child then be better off?

Does your son or daughter
Go without being touched in love for years?
Is the only emotion allowed
Obedience and silence, never any tears?
Does your perfect child idea
Amount to something like a stuffed toy?
Does your list not involve
Things that are normal for a girl or boy?

Is everything else important,
But not the issue of your child’s happiness?
When your child asks questions
Do you treat it as just smart-mouthedness?
If your child questions bad ideas
Do you take that as a personal attack?
Do you find yourself thinking,
And saying, you want your freedom back?

If any of the above is true
You are not being a loving kind of parent.
If your child’s image of you
Is of an angry person given to swearing
And calling them names
That should be reserved for enemy,
Then wake up and realize
That’s not the right behavior to use on family.
~Brent Kincaid
About the Poem:
The poet talks about how parents can indirectly induce trauma in children by being unexpressive. There are parents who think that showing love can soften the kid, and hence practice tough love. They focus on obedience and discipline, that they fail to notice that it is affecting the child. Parents should rather sit with their children and talk so that they get to understand what they have been facing. A child should see their parents as friends and not as enemies to who they should confine their secrets.