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Animals are better than Humans
i saw birds pecking at a snake,
to save nest of their fellow mate.
i saw a lioness standing against the lions pride,
to save a calf, she did fight.
i saw monkeys fight a dog to save kitten,
though in salvaging they got bitten.
these all made me think,
there i saw love all around.
then i saw a man stabbing his friend,
for money was more important in his ken.
i saw a woman killing her daughter,
because she was not happy with the girl's father.
i saw a brother killing the other,
with his own hand,
just for a piece of land.
and all these made me think,
animals are much more better
who kill because of nature, just to feed.
on money, land and position they dont pay heed.
but humans are not humans any more.
who re infecting the world in whole.
going against their nature,
as on money, land and position they pay heed.
and kill others even when they have all they need
they keep destroying each other.
and i think compared to humans animals are better.
~Arfa Iris
About the poem:
The poem talks about how animals have concern and love for their fellow mates and, most of the time, try to save each other. Whenever there seems to be an issue, they stand up for their own species, even if it means they hurt themselves in the process. Whereas human beings kill each other and ill-treat one another just for petty issues. There are husbands who kill wives and mothers who kill daughters. They kill and hit for money and small pieces of land. Even if animals kill, they do it only for food and not for materialist possessions. When she sees that humans destroy each other, the poet feels that animals are better than humans.