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The poem 'Animals' by Walt Whitman calls all human beings to let go of their greed, pride and ego and become simple-minded like the animals. Whitman takes a liking for the animals and wants to turn back the evolution chart and go back to being animals. He admires animals more than humans as he thinks they live a simple and carefree life. They do not complicate things like humans who cannot bear to take in the slightest of the misfortunes or discomfort. Whitman only realises that he has given up on all his virtues which he once used to cherish, and has fallen prey to the materialistic world. Human beings are never satisfied and always look for what is missing rather than cherishing the existing blessings. They always blame God for their own misdeeds. They think of fulfilling their duty to God but only lie in the dark whining. Whitman wants to be like the animals and revive all his lost tokens back.