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Something I'm learning, something that I know is true.
The only person responsible for your actions is you.
What goes around, comes around, as you may have heard.
You give and take, you receive what you deserve.
As much as I may not want to admit,
this mess that I'm in, I got myself into it.
What I've done, I've done a couple of times.
They say you live and learn, well why didn't I?
So I'm dealing with the pain, and taking on the ache
I have to lie in the bed I didn't mean to make,
So instead of looking up 2 heaven and asking god 4 help
I'll take a look in the mirror, a good look at myself.
I have to realize and accept what I've done wrong,
Learning lessons is tough but not if your strong.
~ Amber Rose
About the poem:
The poem talks about taking responsibility for one's actions. The poet says that she is still in the process of learning as far as responsibility is concerned. We cannot blame others for our own actions. Therefore, what goes around comes around, and one must act wisely. She even denies blaming God for the consequences of her actions and decides to stand up for herself. She also says that learning lessons can be tough, but it is not impossible if one is strong enough to face it and learn.