Belinda is a girl who lives with four pets in her big white home. She has a little kitten named Ink, a mouse named Blink, a dog named Mustard and a dragon named Custard. When the other three were supposedly brave, Custard was a cowardly dragon who wanted a safe cage. Belinda and her pets loved to tease Custard and tickle him all over in their red wagon. But one day, they are attacked by a pirate. The pirate looks dangerous as he has two pistols in his hands and a cutlass in his teeth. He has a wooden leg, and he climbs down the window to attack them. The dog, cat and the mouse scurried away on seeing him, leaving Belinda alone. But Custard, the dragon, immediately rose and gobbled the pirate, helping everyone. The other pets later return and find fault with Custard, claiming they could have done better. But Custard agrees, and they all continue to live together in the house.