Frederic Ogden Nash was born in New York, America, on August \(19\), \(1902\). He was an American poet well known for his humorous poetry. He initially lived in a carriage house in Savannah, Georgia, with his family. This house was owned by Juliette Gordon Low, who happened to be the founder of the Girl Scouts of America. The very first poem that Nash wrote in his life was about Miss Low's house. He attended St. George's School and went on to join Harvard. But unfortunately, he dropped out of college a year later. But he went on to become the best poet in the literary circles.
Ogden Nash*
Nash loved to use rhymes right from a very young age. He used to read poetry and observe the way the rhyme and metrics were used. Nash invented new words that did not exist in the language to bring in the rhyme in his poetry. He also admitted in his later period of life that it was not the easiest task. Nash initially worked as a teacher in his initial days. He had also worked as a bond salesman. He did not do well in both jobs as his passion always lay in writing poetry.
His career in poetry was steeped in a more serious way when he took up a job as a writer in street card ads. This is where he met the most famous writer Francis Scott Fitzgerald. He took up creative writing here. He worked as an editor in Doubleday when he submitted some of his short rhymes to The New Yorker. The magazine's editor was so impressed by his work that he found them original. This was his first publication. He published his first collection of poems, 'The Hard Lines' in \(1931\), which gained him popularity. He has also given shows on radios and televisions about poetry.
Ogden Nash is famous for his comic verse and puns. He talks about mundane things in life and gives them his comic touch. He brought a new trend in literary diversions. He broke poetic laws and wrote, blending the formal and informal.
Famous Works by Ogden Nash:
  • I'm a Stranger Here Myself
  • Good Intentions
  • Many Long Years Ago
  • Marriage Lines
  • Private Dining Room
  • Custard the Dragon and the Wicked Knight
  • Custard and Company