எங்கள் ஆசிரியர்களுடன் 1-ஆன்-1 ஆலோசனை நேரத்தைப் பெறுங்கள். டாப்பர் ஆவதற்கு நாங்கள் பயிற்சி அளிப்போம்

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     I’m not so worried about my girlfriends and myself. We’ll make it. The only subject I’m not sure about is maths. Anyway, all we can do is wait. Until then, we keep telling each other not to lose heart.
     I get along pretty well with all my teachers. There are nine of them, seven men and two women. Mr Keesing, the old fogey who teaches maths, was annoyed with me for ages because I talked so much. After several warnings, he assigned me extra homework. An essay on the subject, ‘A Chatterbox’. A chatterbox — what can you write about that? I’d worry about that later, I decided. I jotted down the title in my notebook, tucked it in my bag and tried to keep quiet.
While awaiting exam results, Anne was unconcerned about herself or her friends because she was confident that everyone would pass their examinations and be promoted, with the exception of math, about which she was unsure. She didn't lose hope, though, and urged them to wait until the results were out. Aside from that, Anne and her pals eventually convinced one another not to give up.
Then Anne proceeded to talk about her teachers, describing how she got along well with them. And among them were two women and seven men who were teachers. Although Anne did not have any problems with any of the nine teachers, her math teacher, Mr. Keesing, remained problematic for her. The cause of this was Mr. Keesing's persistent irritation with Anne's talkativeness.
Mr. Keesing initially gave Anne multiple warnings, and when none of them was effective, he then punished her by giving her more homework. It was to write an essay on the subject of "Chatterbox ". As she had no idea what to write about for such a topic, Anne wasn't taking it seriously. She had thus jotted down the topic at the moment in her notebook, kept the notebook in her bag, and tried to be silent in class.
Meaning of difficult words:
S. No.
Old FogeyOld-Fashioned
Chatterbox A person who talks a lot
Jot down To write down a short note of something quickly
AnnoyTo irritate