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The short story "A Baker from Goa" by Lucio Rodrigues reflects the importance and relevance of a baker in Goa. The story starts with the narrator talking about his elders' nostalgic thoughts on the "good old Portuguese days," where he highlights the importance of the bakers' bread needed for all important festivals and occasions, which include marriages, engagements, Christmas, etc. And the Goan bakers are known as "Paders". Then the narrator talked about baker's dress style to those in Goa. And the bakers' profession exists even now in Goa as the bakers' sons continue their profession after them. The narrator could recollect his childhood memories of how the jingling thud of the baker's bamboo stick would wake up children in the morning, who would be excited to see baker's arrival.
As bread is a core part of Goan culture, major Goan events cannot occur without sweet bread or bol. After talking about his childhood experiences as a bread-lover and the importance of bakers in Goa, the narrator began to discuss the typical dress style followed by Goan bakers. He mentioned how Goan bakers and bread sellers dressed peculiarly in a single-piece, long dress that reached to their knees. Also, the narrator has mentioned that a baker and his family would never go hungry because baking was one of the most lucrative professions in Goa in the past.