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Vallikannan is the pen name of  Rajavallipuram S. Krishnasamy, the author of 'Madam Rides the Bus'. He was born on \(12\) November \(1920\) in Rajavallipuram, Thirunelveli, India. He has predominantly written in the Tamil language. He is also a writer, critic, journalist and translator. Many of his works were translated into many other languages like English and Hindi and have received huge appreciation.
Vallikanan usually writes about the normal and common instances that happen in society. He makes the readers nostalgic and feels good. He started writing at a very young age, as he was passionate about storytelling and writing. By the time he reached the age of \(30\), he had published around twenty-five books. Apart from Vallikanan, he also used pseudonyms like 'Naiyandi Bharathi', which is translated as sarcasm Bharathi, and 'Koranathan'. He wrote for magazines like Cinema UlagamNavasakthiGrama Oozhiyan and Hanuman. He started writing short stories and later wrote novels. He also worked as a journalist and was hailed as a revolutionary.
He was awarded the Sahitya Akademi Award for Tamil in \(1972\) for his contribution to modern Tamil poetry 'Pudukavithaiyin Thottramum Valarchiyum'. Some of his famous works include Bharathidasan uvamai nayam, Saraswathi Kalam, Bharathikkuppin Tamil Urai Nadai etc.
The lesson talks about how a young girl named Valliammai wanted to travel on a bus, and she saved money to do so. It revolves around her experiences on the bus and how the journey impacted her.