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Yusuf Dadoo
Yusuf Mohamed Dadoo was a South African Communist and anti-apartheid activist.
Yusuf was born on 5 September 1909 in Krugersdorp, in the West Rand, near Johannesburg. His parents, Mohammed and Fatima Dadoo, were Gujarati Muslim immigrants from Surat in Western India.

During his life, he was chair of both the South African Indian Congress and the South
African Communist Party, as well as being a major proponent of cooperation between those organisations and the African National Congress. He was a leader of the Defiance Campaign and a defendant in the Treason Trial in 1956. His last days were spent in exile in London. Dadoo died of prostate cancer on 19 September 1983. He is buried at Highgate Cemetery, a few metres away from the Tomb of Karl Marx.  His dying words were, "You must never give up, You must fight to the end.