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A phrase is one or more words that form a meaningful part in a clause.
There are five main types of phrase:
Noun Phrase: A noun phrase can be a one noun or a group of words made around a one noun.
1. Birds need water.
2. Who ate the last piece of pizza?
3. All passengers with voucher can emplane now.
Verb Phrase: A verb phrase consists of a main verb and its auxiliary verbs and modals.
1. They have been functioning since 6 am.
2. Rita will be going to Sri Lanka next month.
3. It may have been being corrected.
Adjective Phrase: An adjective phrase can be a one adjective or a group of words built around a one adjective.
1. He has intelligent ideas.
2. It was a very big box.
3. The kids were really bored with the movie.
Adverb Phrase: An adverb phrase can be a one adverb or a group of words built around a one adverb.
1. Please do it now.
2. He spoke very rudely.
3. We did it as fast as possible.
Prepositional Phrase: A prepositional phrase consists of a preposition followed by its object or a noun phrase.
1. They were discussing about cash.
2. The door was behind a large white chair.
3. We restarted after an unusually large lunch.