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டவுன்லோடு செய்யுங்கள்
How to Write a Good Speech
1. Have an inspiring OPENING and ENDING.
2. Appropriate(suitable)TONE of VOICE. (e.g.) sincere for a serious issue, humour for comedy etc
3. Adapt speech for PURPOSE and AUDIENCE. (e.g.) teenagers, mixed audience, teachers, children etc
4. Organise IDEAS logically and do not confuse the audience.
5. Use EMOTIVE language to CONVINCE your audience that what you are saying should be listened to. (e.g.) Even if they put us in chains, torture us and leave us to bleed we will not move. Blood will be our victory!
6. Use RHETORICAL QUESTIONS – asking a question for persuasive effect with out expecting are play (because the answer is obvious) Eg: Was he not a good man? (knowing that the audience agree anyway)
7. Make sure you are writing in the CORRECT PERSON (e.g.) I believe that … I knew him well …
8. Use interesting facts and figures (e.g.) 200000 people… with diagrams or charts to help your audience visualize it.